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"Together for Tourism"

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association is a non-profit association which represents its membership of just over 250 tourism related private businesses in the Cayman Islands. The various sectors within the Tourism Association include : Hotels, Condo/Villas, Watersports, Restaurants, Transportation, Attractions, Cruise and Allied (all other businesses associated with our tourism product)....

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Work permit holders who urgently require food supplies and who have insufficient income or savings to sustain themselves may be eligible for a $150...

Four new positive cases are reported and new supermarket rules are in place from Monday onwards

The Department of Environmental Health is informing food business operators and food handlers that they are key in helping prevent the spread of th...

1 Dec 2023
Stingray Tourism Award Recipients Announced 2023

During a reception at the Governor’s residence, the Cayman I...

19 Jan 2023
CITA Introduces Lower Annual Fees for Micro and...

CITA Introduces Lower Annual Fees for Micro and Small Business

17 Oct 2022
CITA Annual Report 2022

This is the annual report for the Cayman Islands Tourism Assoc...

19 Nov 2020
New CITA Board of Directors for 2020 - 21

CITA has a new Executive Committee

27 Oct 2020
Notice: Change of AGM Date

A new date has been set for the CITA AGM

Arriving by Air

Many major international airlines serve the Cayman Islands from various destinations around the world.

Arriving by Air
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Arriving by Sea

Cruising to the Caribbean is a great way to dip your toes into the Cayman Islands!

Arriving by Sea
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