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* Denotes Required Inputs
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2022 CITA Board of Directors

3 December 2021
2022 CITA Board of Directors


The complete Board of Directors for 2021 – 22 are:


Josh Pawlik (Jacques Scott)

Philip Mewani (Diamond Marquise)


Marc Langevin (The Ritz-Carlton)

Sharlene Brenkus (Wyndham Resorts)


Gary Todd (Budget Grand Cayman)


Ron Hargrave (Tukka)

Markus Mueri (Abacus / Karoo)

Condominium / Villa:

Juliet Cumber-Forget (Cayman Villas)

Danielle Wolfe (Caribbean Club)


Troy Leacock (Crazy Crab)

Tony Land (Divetech)


Walker Romanica (Cayman Spirits Company)

Sister Islands:

Michael Tibbetts (Clearly Cayman)



The new executive consists of:


President – Marc Langevin

Vice President – Troy Leacock

Secretary – Michael Tibbetts

Treasure - Markus Mueri


CITA President, Mr. Marc Langevin, speaking about 2021 and the struggles of the tourism industry during the border closure said, “Despite the tremendous obstacles we have faced, I am very proud of the diligent efforts of the CITA Board of Directors. We have been in the trenches together to defend our members livelihoods and the future of our Islands.  We spoke up, asked tough questions, and challenged the status quo, but only after careful research and vigorous internal debate.”


The focus of the CITA for 2022 will be to help broaden its membership to include the hundreds of small businesses that are a vital part of the fabric of Cayman’s tourism.


New Vice President, Mr. Leacock, says it’s an exciting time to join the CITA Board as Cayman’s tourism industry is at a critical juncture and the association must take an active role in redefining and revitalizing our industry. “As part of the CITA leadership, my immediate focus is assisting in our communication and collaboration with Government to effect a safe and successful reopening. In the coming months I am confident we can forge strong and trusting relationships with our new Government,” he said.


Mr. Langevin said, “Our journey to recovery will be long and paved with many expected and unexpected challenges, yet I am confident that working together will allow us to come out stronger.”


For more information about the Cayman Islands Tourism Association or to become a member, please visit www.cita.ky.  


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