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Arriving By Air

When arriving to Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM), you will be struck by its unique character. You descend from the plane by an open stair and walk past the official welcome band playing Caribbean music, which provides a true Caymankind welcome. After passing through Immigration, you collect your luggage from the world’s prettiest baggage carousel, which is decorated by Cayman’s own...

Arriving by Sea

Cruising to the Caribbean is a great way to dip your toes into the Cayman Islands! Cruise ships that visit Grand Cayman’s port in George Town stop for the day, giving passengers a small sample of Cayman. We hear time and again from visitors that their first trip to Cayman was on a cruise ship—and they loved it so much that they returned for a longer stay!

Cayman Islands Travel Information

Before you travel to another country it is always good to know what is required of you when you arrive to make your entry a smooth and simple process. Here we outline what documents you must bring with you and where you can find our more detailed information about travelling to the Cayman Islands.

Transport Around Cayman

There are various ways to travel around Grand Cayman, depending on your length of stay, where you are staying and your budget. From rental cars, local buses, bicycles, taxi's and scooters... we have the information to help you decide the best mode of transport for your trip.

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