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Cruise Ships:


Cruising the Western Caribbean is a great way to discover all the great things Cayman has to offer. Grand Cayman's port in George Town stop for the day, giving passengers a small sample of Cayman. We hear time and again from visitors that their first trip to Cayman was on a cruise ship—and they loved it so much that they returned for a longer stay! Visiting Grand Cayman on a cruise ship will tempt you to include the Cayman Islands on your next Caribbean adventure!

Currently Grand Cayman has three crusie terminals where passengers disembark: the North Terminal, the South Terminal and the Royal Watler Terminal. Currently the Cayman Islands has no berthing facility for the cruise ships, so passengers are ferried by tender from the crusie ship to the terminals, which takes about five minutes (excluding loading and disembarking).

Many major international airlines serve the Cayman Islands from various destinations around the world.



Various cruise lines visit the Cayman Islands on a regular basis, including but not limited to:

Private Charters, Yachts & Marinas:

US Geteways

For those who wish to enjoy the Caribbean Islands by private charter, the crystal blue sea of Cayman awaits you. Among our marinas, the Cayman Islands have two major ports of entry, one located on Grand Cayman and the other on Cayman Brac. Port security greets travellers on VHF Channel 16 and are available for contact 24-hours a day.

Visitors are kindly reminded to adhere to Marina regulations which can be viewed HERE.

Visitors are kindly reminded to adhere to Marina regulations which can be viewed Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands.