* Denotes Required Inputs

* Denotes Required Inputs

When travelling to the Cayman Islands, you will be travelling internationally and are so required to adhere to Cayman Islands immigration and customs laws. To ensure you have a smooth process we encourage you to be familiar with what is reqired of you when arriving in the Cayman Islands.

On arrival you will be required to have the following:

  • Immigration Card (will be provided by airline staff)
  • Proof of identification (please see specific requirements)
  • Customs declaration card (will be provided by airline staff)
Helpful hints for Immigration and Customs:
  • Know the address of where you are staying (Immigration form)
  • You will be asked to declare all gifts, foods, spirits, liquor, tobacco products and any other items in your posession outside of apparel and personal items that will be remaining in the Cayman Islands (receipts can be helpful for these items)

"A person found in possession of a firearm or ammunition is liable to imprisonment of up to 20 years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $100,000. Please follow this link to the Cayman Islands Firearms Law for further details".

Immigration Card for Departure:

Upon arrival you must keep the immigration card receipt given to you by the Immigration Officer. It is advised you keep these with your travel documents, as you will be required to hand the card over to an Immigration Officer on departure. Fees can apply to lost cards.

Cayman Islands has a Departure Tax:

CI$20.00 or US$25.00; however, this is included in the price of your airline ticket.

Work Permit

Working in the Cayman Islands:

If you're planning a business trip or to conduct some work while visiting the Cayman Islands, you will require a temporary work permit. Contact the Department of Immigration for more information regarding your permit. Please know that under Cayman Islands Immigration Laws, visitors are not allowed to accept jobs in the Cayman Islands without a government-issued work permit.

If you require more information about entering the Cayman Islands, the following sites will be able to help you: