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There are various ways to travel around Grand Cayman, depending on your length of stay, where you are staying and your budget. Here are a few options for you to consider:


Rental Car

Cayman has several car rental companies that will equip you with a vehicle to suit your needs, while here in Cayman. As there is limited public transportation available on the Island, a rental car can sometimes be the best solution for many people. This is especially true if you are going to explore other parts of the Island or you stay in a location that is off the bus routes.

Temporary driving licences are provided to you by the rental company when applying (must be over 21 years of age.)

Can rental prices vary, but expect to pay US$40 - US$100 per day depending on the size of the car. You can walk to all rental car company offices from the airport; clear directional signage to the rental companies is posted after your departure from the airport.

CITA Member Car Rental Companies:

TIP: We drive on the left in Cayman!


Taxis are readily available every day and night and are a great way to get from points A to B conveniently. Information and bookings are available at the taxi dispatcher at the Owen Roberts Airport (right outside the arrivals gate). Taxis are also readily available from most Cayman Islands resorts and from the cruise ship dock in George Town. Taxis look much the same as the local buses-they are small vans; however; they will have a TAXI sign in their front window.

Cayman taxis are not metered and a fare is best agreed upon prior to starting your journey. An example of average fares are as follows;

  • Airport to Seven Mile Beach US $25 - $40
  • Airport to West Bay US $35 - $50

TIP: Please see here for current rates provided by the Cayman Islands Government. Click HERE for more details. We encourage you to be familiar with this information, and also ask that if you have any Public Transport concerns, to send emails directly to cayman.transport@gov.ky or phone 1(345) 946-1323.


Public buses run through most districts of Cayman, from Monday - Sunday. There is no specific timetable for these buses but they usualy start around 6am and run through the evening.


Fares start at US $2 and will cover most fares in SMB, West Bay and George Town. You pay the driver directly when you get off the bus.

The bus terminal is on Edward Street, adjacent to the Public Library, in George Town. Licensed buses have blue number plates and accept both US and Cayman Islands dollars. There are a few bus stops around the island, but buses can be flagged down from the side of the road. If you hear a bus honking as you walk, they are merely asking if you want a ride!

Route Number Sticker Colour Route
1 Yellow George Town - West Bay/Seven Mile Beach
2 Lime Green George Town - West Bay/Seven Mile Beach
3 Blue George Town - Bodden Town
4 Purple George Town - East End
5 Red George Town - East End/North Side
6 & 7 Dark Green Around George Town
8 Orange George Town - North Side
9 Blue (White number) George Town - North Side - East End - Bodden Town


TIP: No buses go through South Sound



Bikes are available for rent from many of the resorts and some car rental outlets. Bike rental costs approx US $15 a day. It is advised you lock your bike up when parking it to enjoy the beach or shopping. It is not law to wear bike helmets, but as the roads are very narrow and traffic can get busy, it is advised to take safety precautions when riding bikes in Cayman.



This is another fun way to explore the island. Scooters are available for rent from some car rental outlets. You are required by law to wear a helmet when riding a scooter and must be over the age of 21. Daily rental of a scooter is approx US $45 (prices will include daily license fee, but no other insurance).


Of course there is always the option to enjoy walking your way around. Seven Mile Beach is a lovely place to walk and you can always cut through one of the many "beach paths" back to West Bay Rd to get your shopping or go to a restaurant.