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The Cayman Islands Tourism Associatiaon (CITA) is a private sector member based association committed to providing the vital united representation of tourism related groups that is necessary to compete within the region and worldwide. The membership is designed to represent each sector in the tourism industry, consisting of allied and land based attractions, accommodations, restaurants, watersports operations, tour and transport operations and cruise businesses . As stated by our mission statement, the CITA provides leadership, guidance and appropriate services for the benefit of its members and so contributes to a viable and sustainable tourism industry.  Please click the link provided below to view the CITA Mission Statement and Code of Ethics.



It is through our continuous effort in our key business areas, industry advocacy, marketing and events, industry development and membership services, that the CITA has achieved significant results in supporting the promotions and sustainable development of tourism in the Cayman Islands.

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Your Membership Benefits include:
Express Yourself

Take the opportunity to discuss and address current tourism issues and your businesses concerns through sector committee meetings and general membership meetings. Administrative services and support are provided at these meetings to action members’ discussions and sector committee decisions. 


Website Opportunity

Members get a complimentary listing on our official Cayman Islands Tourism Association website at

Advocacy and relations as we represent members and relate with government.



Utilize the membership database, which includes accommodations, land attractions, restaurants, transport and watersports sectors and businesses with a vested interest in tourism (allied members) to communicate to your colleagues and promote your business.

Take advantage of access to the membership through CITA events that offer networking opportunities, shared member information and relationship building opportunities.
Member to Member Discount Card

CITA member companies and their employees receive special discounts for services and products within the tourism industry provided by member businesses.

CLICK HERE to view the full member to member discounts available.


Visit Cayman Islands Magazine

As a member of the CITA, members will receive a complimentary listing in the National Tourism Publication, including the opporutnity for discounted advertisement space.


Stay Informed

Members have access to the latest tourism news through the CITA website, The Connection, E-Blasts and direct communication with the Executive Office.



Members of the CITA have the opportunity to participate in local and international events like Taste of Cayman, Restaurant Month, Cayman Tourism Stingray Awards, CITA's Annual General Meeting and more!




Register your company today! Complete the application form here by clicking here. (To view the form in a format optimized for mobile device, please click here.)


**Active/Full membership and any subsidiary companies can be registered on the same form (max six (6) subsidiaries on a single application). A parent company must be an Active/Full CITA member in order to register any subsidiaries.



Your membership application will be presented to the CITA Board of Directors for approval upon receiving all required documents and payment of membership fee. To help your application process, please have ready:

*  Company biography/description

*  Company contact details including a generic reservation email address

*  Company logo to be uploaded

*  2 company photos (one must be a horizontal image, one must be a vertical image) for our website

*  Copy of your Trade and Business license to be uploaded

*  Copy of any other licenses (like liquor license, etc) to be uploaded


Membership Fee Per Year (January 1st – December 31st)

  • Condos/Villas (1-2 Units) - CI$200
  • Condos/Villa (3-40 Units) - CI$400
  • Condos/Villas (41+ Units) - CI$700
  • Hotels (1-30 Rooms) - CI$400
  • Hotels (31-100 Rooms) - CI$700
  • Hotels (101+ Rooms) - CI$1000
  • Transportation  - CI$400
  • Attraction - CI$400
  • Restaurants (1-100 Seats) - CI$400
  • Restaurants (101+ Seats) - CI$700
  • Watersports (1-3 Vessels) - CI$400
  • Watersports (4+ Vessels) - CI$700
  • Allied** (1-3 Employees) - CI$200
  • Allied**  (4+ Employees) - CI$400
  • Subsidiary - CI$200
  • Non-Profit  - CI$25
  • Other Associate - CI$75
  • International Associate  - CI$200

(** includes companies within retail, finance, services, arts, entertainment, media, etc)


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