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Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK (CIGOUK) acknowledges the UK Prime Minister’s Latest COVI

12 March 2020
Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK (CIGOUK) acknowledges the UK Prime Minister’s Latest COVI

London, United Kingdom – The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has today announced updated measures to be taken to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus in the UK.


These measures are to move from the “contain phase” to the “delay phase” with the objective to slow down the spread of the virus and to reduce the number of people infected at the peak at any one time. This will also alleviate pressure on the National Health Service (NHS) and protect at-risk members of society. It was reiterated that the vast majority of people who get the virus should suffer only mild symptoms that they can recover from quickly.


Importantly, it is not the advice to close schools in the UK at this time, but this will remain under review.


CIGOUK has released guidance for Caymanians overseas on its website  www.cigouk.ky/covid19caymaniansoverseas, including current travel advisories from the UK and the Cayman Islands and how to contact the CIGOUK. Direct email messages will be sent to all overseas Caymanians who are subscribed to CIGOUK and to the Cayman Connection UK network, and further messaging distributed through social media channels and networks. The guidance given by CIGOUK is that any Caymanian overseas wishing to travel home should review the current travel advice and ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms of the virus. According to the updated measures announced today, those in the UK experiencing symptoms of the virus should self-isolate for up to seven days. However, if the symptoms persist or worsen within that time, such persons are advised to then phone 111.


Caymanians will be treated as British Nationals through the NHS system of testing and assistance where necessary. Any Caymanians with positive COVID-19 results should remain in the UK and follow the guidance and assistance of the NHS.


Caymanian students who are boarding in schools in the UK, if subject to future closures, should follow the advice of the schools regarding overseas students. CIGOUK and CCUK are also reaching out to university students in their network.


André Ebanks, Cayman Islands Representative to the UK and Europe, commented “The CIGOUK will continue to keep Caymanians in the UK and Europe informed. Our guidance to Caymanians overseas is on our website and we will continue share updates through social media channels. Caymanians are welcome to contact our offices on info@cigouk.ky or 020 7491 7772 if they have any concerns.”