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* Denotes Required Inputs
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Follow-up from October 9th statement on current cruise berthing procurement discussions

31 October 2018

October 10, 2018

Follow-up from October 9th statement on current cruise berthing procurement discussions: 

The CITA Board of Directors is a composition of representatives of all the Association’s tourism sectors. “With fair and equal recognition of the range of feedback and interests across all our sectors, the Board understands that it cannot find nor take one singular stance on either side of this matter that truly represents a collective position of the Association’s members. Thus, the Board’s position of neutrality and its intention to facilitate our members access to information rather than think that we can make a decision for our members” explained CITA President Theresa Leacock-Broderick.  
As stated back in 2015, CITA has always maintained the position that our views on any proposal to develop Cruise Berthing Facilities in the Cayman Islands would be informed by the results of the Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] and Outlined Business Case [OBC]. There have been considerable revision to the 2015 proposal that is the basis for the procurement process. “However,” stated President Theresa Leacock-Broderick, “as we understand it, from the statements made by the Deputy Premier, that the EIA and OBC will be updated specific to the successful bid proposal for consideration by Cabinet before any contract is executed. We expect that if this Government is to remain consistent with their stated commitment to transparency, the updated documents will be shared with the public. From that point we hope ultimately that the views of the constituency and the larger community of stakeholders will be taken into consideration before Cabinet makes a final decision. Meanwhile, we are garnering questions to pose to Government for answers which may assist members in their process of reaching an informed personal and business position.”