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The Scooter Guys

The Scooter Guys

  • 68 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Unit 3, Grand Cayman
The e-scooter ride-share concept has grown in popularity over the last couple of years in both North America and Europe. In early 2021, The Scooter Guys, introduced this concept to Grand Cayman. The introduction of e-scooters to the Cayman Islands offers a new, efficient, fun, and affordable mode of transportation. This aligns well with the Government’s policy of improving traffic circulation in Cayman by reducing vehicular traffic as well as offering an environmentally friendly method of transportation. The concept also dovetails nicely with the George Town revitalization project and the National Energy Policy.
E-scooter ride share is a smart-phone GPS application based service where riders log into the app, locate a nearby available scooter, and start their ride. E-scooters are 100% electrically charged and except for pedaling, they are an alternative to bicycle transportation. The app can be downloaded here: https://ride.bird.co/birdcayman
As operators, we are able to map and monitor the locations of our fleet of scooters to ensure we are meeting our riders’ location needs as well as avoiding riders leaving/parking the scooters in an unsafe manner or location. Our GPS mapping technology enables us to locate our scooters in real-time and retrieve them if they remain idle too long in a particular location or if we notice or receive a call that the scooters have been dropped in an inappropriate location. Based on rider and community feedback we will be able to tweak our mapping application to avoid certain areas and/or incorporate new areas into the rider zones.
The scooters themselves are very compact and all are equipped with kick-stands to make beginning and ending rides much easier.
The Scooter Guys are young Caymanian entrepreneurs who want to make a good impression and work together with property owners and the community to ensure that both rider needs and landowner/community questions are addressed in a timely and professional manner.
Opening Hours: Rides available daily from 7:00 a.m.

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