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Kittiwake 5th Anniversary of the Sinking Celebratory Underwater Museum

28 Mar 2016
Kittiwake 5th Anniversary of the Sinking Celebratory Underwater Museum

Kittiwake 5th Anniversary of the Sinking celebratory Underwater Museum 


In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the Sinking, an underwater museum has been installed on the Kittiwake. Pictures from when the Kittiwake was in service were laminated and mounted on the wreck for all visitors to enjoy. The pictures show you what the boat used to look like when in service, and gives an insight into the life of the crew. 

This exciting display will only be available for a limited time so we recommend that you go and see it as soon as possible. Only Kittiwake Licensed Vessels are allowed to visit the Kittiwake. Vessels can be licensed commercially or privately. For a list of Kittiwake Licensed Operators please click here.

If you are interested in registering your vessel please contact the CITA office, and we will be happy to help you do so (call 345-949-8522 or email Kittiwake@cita.ky). 

For more information on the 5th Anniversary Underwater Museum please check out the following: 

CITA News: http://www.cita.ky/kittiwake-underwater-musuem

iDive: http://www.idivecayman.com/caymans-underwater-museum

Local Daytime Television: http://cayman27.ky/2016/04/kittiwakes-underwater-museum/

Thank you Stephen Aynsley (Divers Down) for the photos.

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