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Cayman Islands Crisis Centre

Cayman Islands Crisis Centre

  • Estella's Place, Crown Square, Eastern Avenue
CICC is a non-governmental, charitable organization that provides services and programmes focusing on domestic and sexual abuse through the provision of safe temporary shelter for women and their children, community education and assistance to all victims of abuse.

Programmes and Services

24-Hour Crisis Line # 943-CICC (2422):
o The 24-Hour Crisis Line serves as the primary contact for persons seeking crisis counseling and guidance as well as access to safe shelter.
o While this line is dedicated to responding to issues of domestic violence, we also frequently receive calls on other issues, such as suicide calls, addictions, parenting, etc. This number is available to all persons in the community including women, men, and children.
o The 24-hour crisis line is the only such service available on all three islands.
o In the fiscal year 2016/2017 the CICC received 348 crisis calls.

Kids Helpline:
o The Kids Helpline is a free helpline for children and young adults (up to 18 years old).
o The phone will be answered by trained staff and volunteers who will safeguard and protect the rights of all callers.
o This phone line is free to call for people from all three islands.
o The individuals answering the phone will provide support to each caller until they are in a safe situation.
o Any child or young person can contact the Helpline.
o The Kids Helpline is currently in a pilot phase and is only available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3pm to 6pm.

24/7 Emergency Shelter Services:
o Since its inception, the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre has provided shelter and support services for more than 1000 abused women and their children.
o Clients access the safe shelter programme through the 24-Hour Crisis Line.
o There is staff and security at the shelter 24/7 and the location of the shelter is confidential.
o Clients may live at the home for up to 60 days.
o Various services are available to clients while at the shelter:
o Risk assessments
o Safety planning
o Adult case management
o Individual and group psycho-educational meetings
o Resource referrals
o Advocacy
o Children and Youth Programme (not currently available)

Child and Youth Programme (CAYP):
o Children and Youth Programme (CAYP) was implemented in the fiscal year 2009-2010.
o The CAYP offers intervention and prevention services for children who accompany their mothers to the shelter as a result of domestic abuse or sexual assault.
o The CAYP provides intervention and prevention services for school age children; enhances their safety and self-esteem skills; maintains academic performances; increases knowledge of child abuse prevention for the mother and increases public education on the effects of domestic violence on children.

Aftercare Programme:
o The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre launched the Aftercare Programme in November 2008, with the aim of providing follow up care to women and their children who have been victims of domestic abuse and/or sexual assault and are starting their lives free from violence.
o The Aftercare Programme aids with identifying and reducing risk factors surrounding violence and poverty.
o The Aftercare Programme is designed to assist women and their children with:
o Supportive listening over the phone or face-to-face
o Individual and group psycho-educational sessions
o Referrals
o Advocacy

Estella’s Place:
o Estella’s Place is a walk-in centre for all victims of domestic violence (women, men and children) located on Eastern Avenue in Crown Square. It is open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
o Estella’s Place is named after Estella Scott Roberts – founder and the first Executive Director of CICC.
o Estella’s Place allows us to strengthen collaboration with other agencies, as well as be accessible to children and their parents, teenagers, young adults, male victims of domestic violence and female victims who do not need safe shelter but would like to access our programmes and services.
o Estella’s place offers the following services to our walk-in clients:
o Adult case management
o Risk assessments
o Safety planning
o Individual sessions and group psycho-educational sessions
o Parenting education
o Resource referrals
o Advocacy

TAYA Lounge:
o The TAYA (teens and young adults) Lounge is a place where at-risk youth can build and strengthen relationships with their peers, families and other support systems. It provides ongoing therapeutic intervention for youth and young adults after they graduate from school, after they are discharged from group care or are “aged out” from the foster care system; but also, serves as a safe place for youth to come, hang out and talk to a qualified counselor if needed.
o TAYA Lounge provides a meeting place for youth to congregate with peers in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment. The staff provide supportive, stable connections, life skills training, recreational activities and therapeutic groups to address issues such as, family of origin issues, child maltreatment, domestic violence, sexual abuse, dating violence and healthy relationships, childhood trauma, conflict resolution, anger management, etc.
o The TAYA Lounge has a relaxed, inviting atmosphere to engage teens, foster their ‘attachment’ or investment in activities and be a safe place to discuss and work on personal impediments to grow into stable, self-sufficient adults.
o TAYA Lounge is open Tuesday-Friday 3pm-8pm. Registration is on Monday from 3-5pm. To contact the TAYA Lounge Coordinator, email taya@cicc.ky.
o The TAYA Lounge is funded by Hedge Funds Care

Community Outreach Programme:
o Domestic violence is a community problem.
o The Community Outreach Programme raises awareness about CICC’s programmes and services, as well as domestic violence.
o The Outreach Coordinator provides free presentations and information regarding issues, such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, child abuse prevention and the effects of domestic abuse on children.
o If your school, business or organization would like to schedule a presentation or receive further information, they can contact the Outreach Coordinator at Mehr.Lamba@CICC.ky
o This programme also enhances CICC’s visibility in the public eye, as well as promotes and improves access to CICC’s services, and improves access to community services and service providers.

Volunteering and Donations:
o The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre has a small team of staff and relies on dedicated volunteers to be able to deliver its programmes and services; to apply email: volunteer@cicc.ky
o All volunteers must complete an application, receive police clearance, provide references and sign the confidentiality agreement.
o Volunteers do not need to have a background in domestic violence. All volunteers receive a training from the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre
o Volunteers can support the CICC through many programmes and services, such as:
o Emergency Shelter Services
o TAYA Lounge
o Kids Helpline
o Warehouse
o Events
o Fundraising Committee
o The CICC also accepts in-kind donations of used clothing, shoes, furniture, etc. at our warehouse every Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm. The warehouse is located in the Mini Warehouses in Industrial Park across from Brand Source. The warehouse unit number is 226.
Opening Hours: 24/7

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