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* Denotes Required Inputs

Guidelines & Regulations

Cayman Stingray Tourism Awards

Description of the Awards

The Cayman Stingray Tourism Award, the highest honour bestowed by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association which recognizes the persons who have excelled in Cayman Islands tourism operations AND have made the greatest contribution to the interests and wellbeing of the Association’s affairs and the islands’ hospitality industry during the year.

Award Categories

The following categories are designed to reward an employee and a manager from each of the CITA sectors:

-  Accommodations Employee of the Year

-  Accommodations Manager of the Year

-  Allied* Employee of the Year

-  Allied* Manager of the Year

-  Restaurant Employee of the Year

-  Restaurant Manager of the Year

-  Watersports Employee of the Year

-  Watersports Manager of the Year

.* Includes: Attractions, Transportation, Retail, Media & Arts, Entertainment

Definitions and Rules:

Employees from all levels and all areas of the business can be nominated for an employee award.

All those in managerial positions can be nominated for a manager award (including middle managers and supervisors).

Only CITA member companies can nominate employees or managers for awards.

Nominations for employee awards can be made only by the employer company, not a third party.

Employees and Managers cannot nominate themselves.

Nominations for the Employee awards must be submitted by the direct superior, HR Manager or General Manager of the employee’s place of work.

Businesses can nominate several staff for different categories.

Nominations for the Manager awards can be made by employees of the Manager’s Business or representative of fellow CITA business members.

Criteria for Nomination

 Employer should be a member of CITA

 Nominee should be employed with the company generally for at least one year. However, the Nominations Committee will consider exceptional cases.

 Nominee should be a good representative for the Cayman Islands

 Nominee’s role should play a part in Tourism within the Cayman Islands

 Rising Star Nominees MUST be between the ages of 17-30 year of age

 Long Service Nominees MUST have served at least 15 years within the Cayman tourism industry

 MUST be able to provide us with a front facing profile picture to be used during the Award presentations


Selection Committee Considerations


All Nominations received will be evaluated based on a standardized points system. Examples of the below points and supporting documentation will all be taken into consideration during deliberations.


Accomplishments/awards received

Community involvement

Displays of leadership

Are they a good ambassador to the Cayman Islands?

Exceptional contribution to the job. Going over and beyond the call of duty.

Length of employment in the tourism/hospitality industry (except for Rising Star award which is for newer entries).

Length of service to current employer; longer periods of service will be given greater weight, for example.

Written references or proof of work or impact wherever these can be provided.


Essay style questions will also be asked and graded on a point system based on the level of detail provided by the Nominator. REMEMBER: This is the Nominator’s opportunity to highlight all of the qualities and accomplishments of the Nominee. Try to present a very clear and concise picture to the Selection Committee on the Nominee’s true value and why this person should be considered as the best in their category.


Please review two sample essay question submissions below. Nominee #1 will garner more points for this question as it full of detail and examples. These are based on ACTUAL NOMINATION FORMS RECEIVED IN THE PAST!!

Nominee 1:

Give at least one example of how this person demonstrates pride in their work, the tourism industry and/or the Cayman Islands.

John at ABC Corp. has completed the PRIDE workshops and brings the skills he learned not only in his many years in the tourism sector but in such workshops to his employment & community as well as to those he encounters on a daily basis. He is always punctual, dresses in the proper uniform (which is always clean and ironed!) and keeps his work space clean and organized. This is only one way that John regularly shows pride in his work.

Nominee 2:

Give at least one example of how this person demonstrates pride in their work, the tourism industry and/or the Cayman Islands.

Yes, Jane Doe shows pride in her work and the Cayman Islands.


The selection of finalists will not be revealed prior to the Gala Awards night, as all nominees will be highlighted and the winners in each category will be announced at the Gala Event. In the event of a tie – the winner will be determined by group discussion and if further guidance is needed the employers would be contacted and further questions pertaining to the employee would be asked.


The committee’s decisions are final and no discussion will be entered into. During the review process, the nominator may be contacted by the committee to clarify details on the nomination form.


Application Process

To submit a nomination, please visit www.cita.ky

Please remember to provide a photograph of the person with the application to allow us to use in media and a presentation on awards night. This photo is also very useful so the Nomination Panel can remember each candidate and assign relevant scores.


Nomination Checklist:

 Complete the online nomination form on www.cita.ky

 Submit photograph of nominee

 Attach relevant written references and/or certificates

 Reserve your tickets for the Stingray Tourism Awards Gala Dinner by contacting info@cita.ky or visiting the office at 1320 West Bay Road.


Nominations received after the submission deadline will not be considered.

Nominators are expected to escort their nominee to the Awards Event.